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As Technology evolves, so too does your businesses need to adapt their IT infrastructure, or risk losing the competitive advantage that comes from keeping pace with the latest developments.

What that evolution looks like, however, will be different for every organization.  By embracing Virtualization, Aura can help you to optimize your IT strategy, reduce operating costs, and get the most out of your hardware resources.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization allows your business to separate your hardware from your critical business software.
With hardware virtualization, you can:

  • Maximize Hardware Utilization – Traditional server setups leave many under-utilized resources which can be used for other systems without the need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Reduce or eliminate the impact of hardware failures – Virtual servers can intelligently fail-over to other hardware without impacting your end-users.
  • Rapid deployment of new systems – Standing up new server resources can be done without having to purchase new hardware and can be deployed much more rapidly than traditional server setups.
  • Reduce downtime – Virtual servers can be restored from backup in a fraction of the time of a traditional server. Key services can be migrated to other hardware during maintenance to prevent outages of critical business systems.
  • Provide redundancy – Critical business systems can be cloned, expanded, or migrated between your server hardware to allow for a more robust and resilient IT infrastructure.

Well-structured virtualization builds a high degree of flexibility into your business, maximizes the utilization of your hardware resources, generates significant cost-savings and improves scalability.

The problem with ‘traditional’ servers

Because best practice dictates that you only run one application on each server, companies with outdated solutions have huge racks of expensive, inefficient servers, each running a single application. This means that each server uses only a small percentage of its resources, while the rest of the available CPU, RAM, and Storage sits idle.

How server virtualization solves this problem

Server virtualization allows multiple, self-contained ‘virtual machines’ to run on a single physical server. This allows them to share the physical server’s resources and maximize the cost effectiveness of your hardware investments.  Additionally, virtual server environments are much more manageable and require less time and costs for maintenance and operations.

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