“Reduce Tasks, Improve Productivity, and Automate & Accelerate Processes”

Do you know the costs associated with your business processes?

According to a 2015 study of the average labour costs of producing an invoice at a typical business, up to 75% of the costs incurred are due to manual and repetitive tasks which take up your employees’ time, delay completion of tasks, and have a high chance of introducing errors.

The same study showed that an organization can see an improvement of up to 300% (or more) on the quote-to-invoice costs by implementing Business Process Orchestration into their business processes.

What is Business Process Orchestration (BPO)?

Business Process Orchestration is a methodology to help reduce the amount of time, money, and effort required to complete daily tasks by standardizing processes and introducing automation, validation, workflow, and controls where appropriate.

BPO can:

  • Eliminate unnecessary and repetitive tasks through automation, error checking, and workflow.
  • Significantly reduce day-to-day operating costs by improving task completion times.
  • Minimize errors and repetitive tasks by introducing validation, standardization, and eliminating data duplication.
  • Ensure that critical approvals and reviews of tasks are being performed by leveraging workflows and gate-keeping.
  • Connect isolated systems together to allow intercommunication and remove redundant data entry.
  • Provide insights and metrics to your business processes to understand and reduce the costs associated with day-to-day operations
  • Develop custom solutions where applicable to eliminate process pain points unique to your organization and lower long-term operating costs.

Today’s cloud-enabled world makes Orchestration and Automation more accessible than it has ever been.
Aura has expertise in Orchestration, Automation across a variety of platforms and industries.  Our optimization strategies include:

  • Business Process Review and Refinement
  • Automation & Workflow
  • Systems Integration
  • Solutions Development for Desktop, Web, and Mobile
  • Enterprise Systems (such as SharePoint) Development
  • Digitization of Forms and Processes
  • Workforce Mobilization
  • Employee Training

Get in touch with Aura to see how we can help you leverage technology and automation to reduce your operating costs and improve the efficiency of your business.

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